Quest for dancing grounds

What's the deal at the moment?

We are currently scouting for and negotiating with venues in the Swansea area to find a suitable home for a live band and/or DJ set goth night. We have two plans drawn up, one for an every-two-months main event, and one more casual arrangement with free entry.

We're also in search of rooms for hire with an alcohol license but no bar. Please let us know if you know of any.

Welcome to the livejournal

What is is a non-profit Welsh Goth Promotion organisation intent on strengthening the goth scene in Swansea and Wales. Founded in April 2002, has been responsible for both successful and not-so-successful events in Swansea, namely HEX (in Subterranea), BANE (in The Venue & The Office), The Biggest Goth Night In Swansea For Years (in Subterranea), and Dominion (in the upstairs of The New York).

Pro-jekt Carmen Pariah More Pro-jekt will further the local Goth scene with everything in its power.

How you can help

Supporting the Welsh Goth Community

If you're interested in doing your part, or if you have a friend that can help us with anything that follows, do let us know. If Not, you can still support the scene by reading/posting comments on this journal and turning up to local goth events when you can!


  • Flyerers - If you're adept at giving people paper, we will send you flyers through the post to distribute. Even if you don't use flyers, spread the word both in the real world and online.
  • Photographers - We need photographers to document the nights, and even if you're not a pro just take pictures and add them to the gallery.
  • Live bands - Always let us know if your band or a band you know is looking to play Wales (gothy bands only, naturally).
  • DJs - For those who wish to be considered for a guest slot.


If you know of any venues that would be decent for a goth event, we'd like to hear about it.

What to do

If you think you can help with any of the above, just reply to this post, or contact us directly.