hexnight (hexnight) wrote,

THE DEAD OF NIGHT - Directions

Directions From the Bus Station

Start from the main bus station foyer (the big room with all the red bars that guide the queues to the bus lanes):

  • Face the bus lanes (away from the shops)
  • Turn right, and walk past Wilkinsons
  • Turn left just after Wilkinsons, and walk to the end of the road
  • Turn right and walk to the pedestrian crossing on your left
  • Cross over, and turn right
  • Walk past Chick King, and turn left
  • Turn right onto the road opposite Spar (only possible on foot)
  • Walk a couple of blocks until you come to a cross roads with Beor Wilson & Lloyd Solicitors on
  • Turn left, and walk for about 10 minutes
  • You will pass The Tenby pub on your right, and eventually you will see the Uplands Tavern on the same side
  • Roughly opposite the Tavern you will find Inferno
  • Enter venue, climb stairs, turn left, and order drinks
  • Lift drinks to mouth, enjoy night



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