hexnight (hexnight) wrote,

Inquisition 2004-09-11

Pro-jekt Video

Inquisition 9/11, Jesus Fix and Pro-jekt played live. The atmosphere was great and the alcohol was excessive, at least for me. Watch a sample of Pro-jekt's live performance of "The Next World" below.

Pro-jekt at inquisition live footage

Note Jonthegoth prancing around and getting elbows in front of the camera! Thanks to Jon and co. and the bands for another great night. You can see Pro-jekt support Mortiis with Susperia at the Barfly in Cardiff on Wednesday 2004-09-15.

October's Inquisition will be a fetish night (Dresscode: Goth, Fetish, Uniform, PVC, Rubber and Bondage), on the 16th, so get out your rubber and plastic. If you haven't already added this journal to your friends list, please do so!

I know a few other people were taking photos, would they be so kind as to post them as comments to this entry?

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