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THE DEAD OF NIGHT - Directions

Directions From the Bus Station

Start from the main bus station foyer (the big room with all the red bars that guide the queues to the bus lanes):

  • Face the bus lanes (away from the shops)
  • Turn right, and walk past Wilkinsons
  • Turn left just after Wilkinsons, and walk to the end of the road
  • Turn right and walk to the pedestrian crossing on your left
  • Cross over, and turn right
  • Walk past Chick King, and turn left
  • Turn right onto the road opposite Spar (only possible on foot)
  • Walk a couple of blocks until you come to a cross roads with Beor Wilson & Lloyd Solicitors on
  • Turn left, and walk for about 10 minutes
  • You will pass The Tenby pub on your right, and eventually you will see the Uplands Tavern on the same side
  • Roughly opposite the Tavern you will find Inferno
  • Enter venue, climb stairs, turn left, and order drinks
  • Lift drinks to mouth, enjoy night



Progress Encore

Progress Encore

A meeting with an enthusiastic venue owner today revealed some very promising possibilities for the scene to return to Swansea. When details become confirmed, which should be within a week, they will be here.

Please start getting your contacts to add this journal to their friends list. The more exposure the better.

Minor progress update

Venues, Potential, Past and New

Attempts at securing a suitable venue keep falling through. The main issue we have with Swansea venues is that there's nowhere with a bar past 1am, which is better than nothing I suppose, but the venues open till that late tend to be expensive. Looks like the only thing we'll be able to do as things stand is run a casual night until alcohol license laws in the UK change.

In other news, we've seen the rise and swift demise of "Headbangers Ball" in Barons, Swansea. The night was run by Nigel and Morgan from The Zone on Thursday nights, which had a reasonable injection of Goth music and old Zone favorites.

"Ritual" in Cardiff on the day before Halloween was a good success. Situated in Clwb Ifor Bach, it was a good mix of Goth and Rock, and it was packed, but do think twice about wearing very much because it gets very hot (there is a cloakroom). Allegedly the next one is Saturday 27th November, can anyone confirm that?

Finally our familiar haunt, Inquisition, will be in Gretzky's Bar in Cardiff Ice Rink this Saturday (20th November). See you there!

Inquisition 2004-09-11

Pro-jekt Video

Inquisition 9/11, Jesus Fix and Pro-jekt played live. The atmosphere was great and the alcohol was excessive, at least for me. Watch a sample of Pro-jekt's live performance of "The Next World" below.

Pro-jekt at inquisition live footage

Note Jonthegoth prancing around and getting elbows in front of the camera! Thanks to Jon and co. and the bands for another great night. You can see Pro-jekt support Mortiis with Susperia at the Barfly in Cardiff on Wednesday 2004-09-15.

October's Inquisition will be a fetish night (Dresscode: Goth, Fetish, Uniform, PVC, Rubber and Bondage), on the 16th, so get out your rubber and plastic. If you haven't already added this journal to your friends list, please do so!

I know a few other people were taking photos, would they be so kind as to post them as comments to this entry?

Inquisition 2004-08-14


Who went to Inquisition in Cardiff on Saturday? How was it?

For the record the next Inquisition is Saturday 11th September, live bands included, £4 at the door. For those of you that don't know where Inquisition is, it's in Gretsky's Bar, above the Ice Rink in Cardiff.